For over thirty years I've been climbing and have loved every minute of it! My passion is exploring the high, wild and blank spots on the map. I enjoy returning to share my adventures with internationally acclaimed slide and video presentations, and with published stories about the remarkable people and places I've seen.

Being the first to free climb improbably steep rock faces is what I enjoy most.  This desire lures me onto many of the planets biggest, sheerest rock walls.  Due to good planning, a stubborn resolve to succeed and a belief that destiny is in our hands, we have overcome our individual weaknesses to make the first free climbs of seemingly impossible monoliths.

While I'm proud of all I have achieved, I'm even more excited about plans for future adventures. The only thing lacking is time and, realizing this, I've vowed to live my life like a thrown knife.

I hope that people will view this web site, read some of my stories, take heart from my lectures and be inspired to make his or her dream become reality.  I hope that when these dreamers blow out the candles on their hundredth birthday cake, that they can look back and be content that they used their time to the fullest.